Monday, June 05, 2006

A couple of observations in the Upper Paugussett

In late May I noticed that it looked like some ATV'ers were getting into the forest by way of the Horse trail up from Pond Brook, so I sent an email to DEP asking them if they could put up some boulders to block the entrance and instead they came out and put up a bunch of signs. That won't stop kids. DEP's response when I pushed further was that they will get in there one way or the other. From what I can tell, the signs are helping.

Looks like there is going to be some cutting taking place just off the Polly Brody, I'd say about a half mile from the gate. Bunch of trees marked with blue. There is the makings for a trail in there that I have ridden a few times but I am going to wait and see what happens when the trees get cut.

A big tree fell across the Polly Brody and took out a 4 inch tree in the process. The big tree was rotten and broke apart on the road but the smaller tree blocked the road. The one time I am riding in the forest without my pack saw is when I discovered this. I came back a week later with my saw and took care of business.

It appears somebody has found my trail. I found foot prints in some of the muddy parts heading up hill. Didn't look like a mountain biker shoe, I think it might have been a hunter. I think it was still spring turkey season when I saw them. Speaking of my trail, I think I have a name for it, "The Muliken" trail in honor of the original owner of the this tract of land. I have seen ATV tracks going down the beginning part but it doesn't look like they are attempting to go any further than the end of the grass strip. Fortunately, they can't get past the hard left that goes into the DH section of the trail. The Up and Over, of course, is a good measure that will block them further. There are other places along the trail that will prevent ATVs from passing through.

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