Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brought home a Christmas Tree!

So, here are the results from this morning's ride. The green track is from today's ride, the red is my initial Burr Farm OS ride, the dashed blue lines trails that may or may not exist (I will explain, later).

As you can see I didn't quite find the loop that I was looking for by the fact that I had to turn around (appoint 16). At WP 15 there appeared to be a trail that may head down to Pond Brook but I wasn't sure. There might also be a trail that hooks back to the main trail, that is why I put the blue dashed line because I don't really remember. What I do remember about this location was trying to up a small stream bank, hitting a rock, and going Endo (over the handle bars). That was fun.

The trail that leaves the red trail at WP 3 is a nice ride, nothing too steep or technical, in fact you can really get going through there. At WP, 4 there is a trail that intersects that was marked with orange engineer tape. At WP 11, there is a trail that branches to the north and heads down hill. Might have to see where that goes on the next ride. At WP 12, there is a nice stand of pines. WP 13 there was trail branching off from here that headed down the hill and looked to go towards the fields (shown on the topo from the previous post). I think this might lead to the trail along Pond Brook.

After turning back from WP 16 I probably should of headed down the hill from WP 15. It really didn't look like a trail but it would have mostlikely brought me to the one that I found after back tracking almost half way back to WP 13. As you can see, I had to bushwhack until I found a trail that took me to Pond Brook.

The next time I ride this, I am going to try it from the trail along Pond Brook and see where it leads. Hopefully it will connect at WP 13 which combined with the rest of the trails will be an excellent additional to my Burr Farm OS Ride Map. These trails are green trails but there are quite a few nearby rollers to venture out on. Combined with a run down to the bench on Dingle Brook and then back up towards the Burr Farm OS Parking lot, will make an excellent workout ride.

More to come...

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