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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gussy in a Light Snow

Wasn't expecting this light snow Sunday morning and figuring that roads would be salted down I headed into the woods at Upper Paugussett.  With a light snow falling, it was really quite in the woods, when I stopped.  Riding with my new bear bell and creaky seat post made it less serene to the ears.  Still, it was a lot better than my last attempt during Thanksgiving when the snow just thick enough to make riding less enjoyable.  

The Mulikin
The snow made things a bit slick but overall, it was great riding weather.  I rode the Gussy, the Reach Around, Double Secret Probation, and the Mulikin Trail. The latter being absolute crap and no one should be riding that right now until the ground is frozen solid or we get at least 6 inches of snow. Until then, please stay off the trail.

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