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Sunday, June 04, 2006

WMBA Fat Tire Fest

Drove over to Peekskill Sunday morning for the Westchester Mountain Biking Association's 11th Annual Fat Tire fest. Paula B and a few CT NEMBA folks along with a big crew from Crankfire.com were all there.

There were rides for all levels. I lost track of the CT NEMBA ride and ended up riding in one of the Event's rides. Took some great shots along the way, especially a picture of Kathy H from Canondale doing a huge roller. I posted the best pictures on the CTNEMBA.org website. The Crankfire group went out for a long time and did some major trails. I ran into them 3/4s of the way through my ride. I had two nice crashes, didn't get hurt but they were sort of embarrassing. I was bonking big time.

After lunch I met up with Paula and her crew and rode with them for another 5 miles. We went in the reverse of the ride that I did earlier that day. The festival was cool, there were demos and riding events. A kids race. I should have brought lunch but instead just had a burger from the mobile "choke and puke" vendor.

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