Sunday, September 27, 2020

2020 Oktoberfest Gravel Grinder

I drove up to Norbrook Farm on September 27th, 2020, when the brewery was having an Oktoberfest Celebration and headed out on my bike to explore the dirt roads between Colebrook River Road and Colebrook Road.

First Dirt was on Pisgah Mountain Road in Colebrook and it was a wonderful descent only then to start climbing again

The climb turned to dirt on Simons Pond just past Cob City Road

There was this eerie house at the start of the climb on Simons Pond after Cob City Rd

The steepest part of the climb was a killer 16% just past the pond

and the surface proceeded to get worse

The road flattened out and was rideable

until it wasn't

and a Napoleon's Death March ensued

After crossing into Massachusetts and coming to a small intersection the the road was rideable

there were some storm damage from the last storm

as well as some wet sections

Overall, it was rideable until I hit the Road Temporarily Closed sign on Sears Road

It was another deathly downhill march

and not rideable at all.

Once at Clark Road it was great.

And kept getting better.

Until the most wicked climb

RWGPS said it was a 13% on the route

In reality, the climb had a max grade over 21%

At the top of Beech Hill Road there was a little break in the trees and you could see Mt Everett off in the distance

Still on dirt crossing into Otis

Rode by the Otis Ridge ski area - what a dump!

After two miles of pavement on Rt 23 I turned into Otis State Forest

Rode by Clam Lake

Passing the lake on Hammertown Road you start climbing again on an average 5.3% ascent with a max grade of 14.5%

There was another punchy, 2.7 mile climb up Sandisfield Road

I followed Sullivan Road till it dead ended and found the continuation to be another death march so I decided to ride around it.

I was on Dodd Road for a bit which is a nice dirt road but then I my route had me turning onto Sage Road but it was more like a 4x4 road, but it was still rideable.

There was this nice little pond on Sandy Brook Turnpike

A little further down I found some black butter

Then I was on Norfolk Road heading back towards Connecticut

Technically, Norfolk Road ends at Rood Hill Road but you can continue on this trail.

That includes this rough climb that I had to walk sections of it due to no traction because it was so dry

I was able to ride most of it

I got to the state line and it was time for a little break

The road became easier to ride once back in Connecticut

I poached a private road near Doolittle Lake

Finally road Green Road back to 182 and the brewery

Where I enjoyed the most tasty Maerzen Bier

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