Sunday, June 09, 2019

2019 131 KM Bloomin' Metric Ride

For some reason or another this year's Bloomin' Metric was being held a month late which was great for me because it's always the same weekend as the Farmer's Daughter Gravel Grinder up in Chatham, NY.  Since it was being held so late and the weather forecast was saying it was going to be a superb day, I decided to ride from my house down to Sherwood Island where I would meet my Dad and do the 40K ride with him and then ride home.

I left the Bat Cave at 5:45 AM and it was chilly!

15 minutes later I was at the Flagpole

and the sun felt great


On Rt 58 there was this big snapping turtle in the middle of the road

and he was too big to give an assist to. He'll just have to take his chances. Hope he makes it.

26 miles and 2 hours later I was at Sherwood Island

Now I just had to get my bib and find my dad.

There were a few scary characters riding today.

I hope with all that extra gear they don't overheat.

I met up with a colleague from work who was riding it for the first time.

Then I found my dad and a friend of his

and then we were off.

Rode along the shore towards Southport

Then by the Southport Beach

There were so many food trucks!

My dad had a great ride

and he walked a few hills

but he didn't care.

There were many booths and lots of swag to be had. I gave everything to my dad because I didn't want to carry it on my ride back to Newtown.

After lunch I headed home.

had to make a pitstop in Easton

I went up North Park to North Stepney so I could ride up Poverty Hollow

and the Aspetuck was flowing!

When I got home I was beat!

And the cold beer was totally worth it.

Great day on the bike!

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