Sunday, January 11, 2015

First Dirt (acutally snow)

Usually by now we would have had a few good snow storms and I wouldn't even be thinking about mountain biking but that's not been the case this year.  Frigid temperatures around here means either riding the trainer in the garage or when the thermometer gets to be 20 degrees or more, and there isn't much snow on the ground then mountain biking will always be a blast.

My first trail ride of 2015 was indeed just that.  An inch of snow meant plenty of traction and the trails were perfect.  When I have the time, like today, I ride in on the Brody, go down the Gussy, hit the Reach Around and then back up the Gussy to the Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail.  While on DSP, I came across three guys on bikes coming the other way.  That's probably best way to ride DSP but I prefer to ride the Gussy down so until I can find a way to hit both trails in the same direction I will have to stick with this new route.

I did try something new today.  Instead of taking the Connector to the boat ramp I went towards the old Jalopy and then cut across the forest road and eventually made my way out towards the gate. There is some nice terrain back there and made the end of a great ride just a little better.

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