Saturday, December 30, 2006

Final Post of 2006

Well, I am still lame. Went for a hike on Tuesday with Tom, Katie and my father in law to see if we could find the old logging/farming road but were unsuccessful. It was a fun hike, though, and I think we must have crossed over where the old logging/farming road traversed but since we didn't see any grading that it wasn't there. Not to mention that the thicket was so thick that it was hard to see anything. Looking at the GPS data and from the time that I tried approaching this area from the white trail we must have crossed over it a few times. We will have to approach it from the other direction.
I have all the pieces I need now to convert the Q Ball to road and railtrail duty. The skewer for the Burley came in the other day. I got the wheel on with an 18t cog and it looks like I will have to remove a few chain links to have it fit right. I am also switching the pedals to the used pair of Shimanos I got from Migs on

As for the new hardtail, Fetish Cycles emailed me and apologized for waiting so long to ship the frame. I just got some Avid Ti Brake levers the other day from eBay. Going to purchase Avid BB7s brakes and rotors from my buddy Mark and that leaves wheels, headset, stem, bars, grips and a chain. I got a Surley Instigator Fork from Aero on to satisfy my rigid frame riding desires and the Fork will also accomodate at 29er tire, so I can go from SS HT 26er, to SS HT 69er, just by adding a different wheel. Now that will be something.

I am also planning on using my old Manitou Splice fork from the AC I sold to a guy up in Glastonbury. He got the fork that I got for him and he is in the process of switching them out. Question is, should I be really anal and get another front disc brake caliper for this fork?

Not sure on the wheelset yet. Trying to find a deal on a 36 spoke SS wheelset that is disc ready but that is an unusual combination. I have found a few but nothing that has jumped out and grabbed me yet. Plus I have time. Probably not going to have this bike built until March, anyway. So I am in no hurry.

I am definitely going to get the stearing components from Misfit Cycles. I like the FUBar, its like Marybars, just not as pronounced. Might as well get a matching FUGly Stem, too.

Can't wait to start riding again!

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