Wednesday, August 31, 2005

West Side Equestrian Trail

Found a new trail or atleast a new and improved trail. With all the hoof prints and horse shit on this trail, I would say there equestrian community have decided that the west side of the forest needs a new trail. Its not bad. On the map, its the dark blue trail towards the left of the picture.

Today was the first time riding since I stripped my crank. Class Cycles in Soutbury did a superb job putting new cranks on, fixing my rear axle, and tightening up everything else on my bike that needed it. Basically, they told me that I am riding the bike too hard. Guess, I am going to have to buy a full suspension bike.

So, I decided to ride the west side of the forest. I blasted through the stream bed that I usually go around but since it was dry and the fact that there is tree down blocking trail it looked like this would be easier. Also to note this was my first ride with toe clips and new shoes. I don't think I am ready for clipless and besides I will do that with the new bike, next year.

I noticed that the trail branched off from the blue blaze so I started following it. It detours at one point, goes west and there appears to be other trails, just not marked, so I assumed the way I returned was the right way to go. The trail picks up the blue blaze for another 100 yards but then branches off again. I went left and followed this new trail. I had been down this path before, however, I found that there was yet another branch a little further on that I am not sure was there before. That branch basically makes a bee line for jeep road but before that it crosses the blue blaze once again.

I need to ride this trail in reverse next time. I think it will be more enjoyable. Failed misserably on my first log jump using the clips. Stalled out and couldn't get my foot out of the cage quick enough. Ended up with a nice scrape on my right calf. Subsequent logs were better. Need more practise.Posted by Picasa

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