Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stripped Crank, grrrrr!

Either I am riding this bike too hard or I bought a POS! Picked up new peddles yesterday and changing them out was a snap. I made sure that they were both really tight. Even road around my back yard to test them out and did a few logs.

So I out riding today with my daughter, pulling her on the trailerbike and notice that the right peddle is turning funny. I kept thinking that strap was getting in the way (decided it was time to try clips and straps - work my way up to clipless). Got about 2 miles when I stopped to check what was going on and the peddle just fell out! Well it was fun riding home peddling with my left leg and making my daughter do much of the peddling.

Thinking back now, I recall when we went to Ninham last weekend that something on the right side was making a noise when I pushed down on the peddle on that side but I had no clue what it was - now I think I know. I think the peddle threads were already stripped.