Saturday, May 28, 2005

Middlesex Community College

Rode from Middlesex Community College with the Crankfire Crew today and let me tell you, these guys are some sick riders!

Above is the track of the ride. The waypoints are all the trail intersections with other trails. If you would like to see a more comprehensive map of this location check out this link: Middlesex Community College

I must admit, by the time I marked my first waypoint (001) I was ready for some dual track fireroad. Single Track riding here is brutal. Upon entering the forest you are riding/threading your way through a tangle of Mountain Laurels, open face rock, over many logs and bridges, and through various streams.

While riding in this terrain was a new experience for me I really appreciated the Crew for letting me catch up to them. I learned something very important about mtb in rough terrain: Momentum is key for negotiating difficult terrain - if you are going to slow, you are going down or you are going to walk. I also learned how to log jump and had some successes and quite few stop shorts, which came close bashing my nards on the handlebars.

I also learned that rocks are hard because one of the crew did a face plant on one. Ouch! Fortunately, Amanda, a.k.a. Rocky, didn't get hurt seriously. Just a bloody nose and cut on her cheek.

I am going to have to get some better gear, first on the list is shorts. The sweatshorts I was wearing this morning either kept getting caught up on the bike seat or wedged up my fourth point of contact.

It's cool how you can find a website dedicated to mtb in your local area, hook up with people you have never met and have great time. The webiste I am talking about is called Crankfire, its really a forum for MTB only the moderator has a passion for GPS and when you marry to the two together, you make maps, like the one above.

By the time I arrived back at the parking lot, both legs were bleeding from various cuts and scrapes receive along the way and I was soaked in sweat. Granted, I was wearing a long sleeve T and a short sleeve T underneath. I drained my Camelback and not once took a leak. I think might have dropped a few pounds today!Posted by Hello

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