This is the bike that really started it all for me.  It got me into bike building, racing, commuting and trail building.  The Qball frame, I think is one of the most versatile frames on the market and opened my eyes to all styles of riding which allowed me to experiment on.  It's sale marks a new chapter in my love of cycling but one that I will always remember.  It is, hands down the best bottle opener I have ever had and I loved it as a bike, too!

Bottle Opener comes in handy!

Original Build list:
Ritchey barends, flat bar, stem, seatpost
WTB Saddle
Qball Frame, Large 20" and QStick Fork
Shimano cranks, 32t chainring & Shimano Bottom Bracket
Velocity Singlespeed Wheelset
Kick Ass 21t Cog
WTB Nano Raptors 29x2.1
Shimano 575 Pedals

August 2006

October 2006:  Mutano Raptors

April 2007:  Misfit Psycles FUBars

October 2007:  Crank Brothers Candy, FSA Cranks, Marzocchi 100mm Fork

December 2007:  Riser Bars

April 2009:  Racing saddle, Flat Bars, Ergon Barends

June 2009:  Brooks B66 Saddle
2009 begins the Monster Cross Era

August 2009:  Singlespeed Monster Cross with Gary Bars

October 2009:  Geared Monster Cross (1x9), inverted 3 speed bars

October 2009:  Geared Monster Cross (3x9), drop bars

June 2010: Geared Monster Cross (2x9), Salsa Wood Chippers

January 2011:  Geared Monster Cross, Misfit Fugly Stem and Fme Bars

February 2011:  Geared Monster Cross/Commuter
Misfit Fme Bars

March 2011:  Geared Monster Cross

Back to Mountain Bike again?

October 2011:  Geared, 29er Mountain Bike

November 2011:  Singlespeed Monster Cross
Gearing:  44:18
Maxxis Cross Mark Tires
Salsa Woodchippers

March 2012:  Singlespeed Commuter
Gearing: 32:16

November 2012:  Geared, Monster Cross

July 2012:  Triathlon Bike

January 2013:  Fixed Gear Commuter with Fme bars
Gearing:  42:15

May 2013:  Singlespeed Commuter with Trekking Bars
Gearing:  42:17

June 2013:  Singlespeed Commuter with Salsa Woodchippers
Gearing: 42:17

December 2013:  Singlespeed Monster Cross
Gearing:  34:19

January 2014:  Singlespeed Commuter
Gearing 42:20
Gary I Propulsion Bars

February 2014:  Singlespeed Mountain Bike
Gearing 34:21
Rockshox Reba 29er Fork with poplock
Raceface Stem
Shimano Deore Lx Cranks
Avid BB7 Disc Brakes
Velocity Blunt Wheels

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