Thursday, August 24, 2023

Genny Screamo


Drove up to Rochester, NY to move my son into his apartment at RIT and since I was spending the night I brought my Trek so that I could ride the next morning.

My ride paralleled the Genesee River for the a couple of miles

Originally, I planned a 31 mile loop with a ride around the campus but I left without my wallet, which contained my key card and had to go back and get it so I bagged the campus loop and continued south.

I lost track of the amount of times I got buzzed by pickup trucks

The further south I got the more rolling hills I encountered.
It was like riding in Wisconsin.

I rode through the town of Rush

The southernmost part of the route is almost 15 miles

and since it was my first time riding here it felt great to be on the homeward leg.

I was awed by this memorial because you rarely see something like this

because so many young men died during WWII and the enormity of the loss of life is barely remembered, nowadays.

There were some nice down hills

except this one had a stop sign at the bottom.

Saw some nice ass, too.

This was the last big descent

at the top of this rise was construction and one lane and they let me through.

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