Tuesday, June 05, 2018

RAW: Chasing Daylight

Getting home at 6:30 this evening meant that I had to get rolling quickly if I still wanted to see where I was going to be going in the woods and I got rolling by 7:55.

Trying to maximize my time I rode up the Poly Brody instead of the singletrack and checked that one really big tree that was laying across the fire road the last time I came through here.  Looks like the DEEP Forester was able to open it up enough so you get through it.

While very rideable the surrounding blowdowns is just depressing and knowing what lies after the intersection with the Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail is even more so.

I passed some guys going the other way when I checked Strava Flybys, it looks like they tried riding FUBAR section of the Gussy. Until I know what the State DEEP is going to do I am not touching this section.  

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