Sunday, May 21, 2017

Singlespeeding the Bloomin Metric

I brought my tandem down to Westport for my brother-in-law, Will and his daughter Julia to ride this year since my oldest son is no longer interested in staring at my fourth point of contact for 26 miles. I decided to ride my singlespeed again, only this time I kept it free wheel.  Have ridden 130 miles two days ago I didn't want to take any chances straining anything. 

We set off at a brisk pace by my father's standards.  Granted he is 75 and mostly rides rail trails but he still rides!  Some of the hills on the course were too steep for him and he walked a few of them. He was able to ride up Burr Street, though. On the singlespeed I had to attack every hill otherwise I would be walking.

My dad crossing over the Parkway

At the rest stop there was the customary pickle juice shot

Wasn't really necessary but it's tradition.

I think my father has been riding the Bloomin Metric every year for the past 20 years!  I have done it now 7 years in a row.  Hopefully, I will get another one of my children to come out in the coming years. Until that happens, and my father is till riding I will stick with the singlespeed.

After lunch I headed over to Aspetuck Brew Labs for a flyte and half growler fill.

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