Sunday, November 08, 2015

A chilly Sunday morning spin around the Saugatuck

Headed out at 6 AM Sunday morning for ride with Gavin around the Saugatuck Reservoir.  It was definitely not warm enough for shorts but with winter tights, a base layer and my Cannondale Performance Softshell, 15 minutes into my ride I had to open the zippers, it is the best riding jacket!  It takes me approximately 30 minutes to ride down Route 25 to the Burrito Shack where I have met Gavin before for rides in southern Newtown, Monroe and Easton.    

Gavin rolled in a few minutes after me and he had a few layers on as well.  I was going to plan a route but then just decided to wing it.  Gavin, on the other hand programmed one into his new Garmin Edge 510 so I followed his lead.  Despite the cold temperature, it was a great day to be out on the bike.

We worked our way through the back roads from South Newtown, past Guskie Pond and through the corner of Monroe and into Easton.

Quick stop at the Hemlock Reservoir to take in the sunrise and marvel at the water because it was like glass.

There were surprisingly very few cars on the road at this time.

My new rule is to ride with the Lake 303s in any temperatures less than 40 degrees

Gavin still had his fair share of snivel gear on

From Easton we headed up into Weston and on up to Old Valley Forge Road

It was amazing to see how low the reservoir was when the last time I rode through here, mid summer, it was at capacity

This June

It was so low, the river wasn't even flowing!

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