Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back to Middlebury

Took Elliot to Middlebury with the intention of riding the whole route and that we did but it wasn't without incident. While driving up Rt 188 it started to rain. It looked like a passing shower so we waited it out.

Rode to Lake Quasipaug and on the way back had my first experience climbing with the 16t cog in the rear. It was tough but I didn't have to walk. Of course it would be even easier if I weren't pulling an additional 50 to 60 lbs.

Got all the way down to the other end when I had to stop suddenly to avoid the possibility of crashing into a pole in the middle of the trail to prevent motorized vehicles. It's alway a tight fit pulling the Burley. In doing so, the weight of the trailer pushed my rear axel out of alignment causing me to come to a sudden halt. As it started to rain, I had to take the rear wheel off, loosen the brake slider and remount everything. Fun!

Sorry, no pictures but here is the ride route that I uploaded on a site called MTBGuru. Had to crop it down so that it would fit nicely on the blog.

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Unknown said...

Maybe we'll see you out there some night.