Monday, May 01, 2006

Tour de Trumbull

GPS Visualizer doesn't seem to be working so no map for right now.

Picked up Mike (Bad Lee Driven from Crankfire) on my way to Trumbull today to run a few errans, drop off Katie with the inlaws, the usual.

Parked off of Whitney Avenue. Ended up riding down the rail trail for a couple of hundred yards before dropping down to the river, crossing over a bridge and then following a trail that paralleled the river. It had blue blazes - does CFPA maintain a trail here? Super techy and gnarly.

Followed this all the way down to the log rides by end of the park. There is a new ride, with a nice ladder up to it. Mike rode it perfectly.

Rode the red/yellow up along the blufs over looking Route 25. Found Ford's Drop, a sick 25 footer in the Indian Caves section.

Rode by the picnic tables. Went over by that nice drop where Meatman had his picture taken doing hi sign off the drop, when we ran into a few dudes, one of which was Tommy Church from Westchester Mountain Biking Association. One guy, busted his seat and I was able to help it out with a few zip ties that I always keep in my pack. Two of the dudes riding with Tommy worked for C'dale and they confirmed the C'dale 29'er is coming soon. Hardtail and a lefty. Hmmmm, gonna have to check this out.

Rode back to Whitney avenue and then headed home. 5.8 mile ride today which capped off the month with 67 total miles!

Yesterday, took the AC in to have the rear deraileur looked at again. I think I need a new one. Shawn at Brookfield Bicycle Center said not only was the cage bent but it was twisted. He did his best to bend it back into shape and today it performed rather well. Still, a new one is my future. Just not sure which. Shawn suggested a Saint and I had read up on these and sound like the way to go with all the bushwacking I am doing.

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