Friday, January 27, 2006

New trail in the forest.

From the town's GIS map I found there was the remnants of a trail that looks like it might intersect with the ROW tail, so last Sunday I rode the ROW (red trackline) from north to south and detoured looking for the trail. It looked like at one time a vehicle had passed through there but I didn't find the trail until I found the stone wall further down and it doesn't look like its been used in years. Continued bushwack riding until I found a nice trail that looks like its seen some feet. Unfortunately, had to get home so I rode it to the woods road and home.
Today (1/27/2006) I rode to the start of the trail from the woods road. Kind of a hike-a-bike when you start out but at the top its nice and flat for the first 100 yards and then it begins climbing again (see the Green Line). It was going fine till I hit the first split and I went left. Thirty yards up the trail I lost it. I was following someone's foot prints in the snow because they seemed to know where they were going but then I lost track of those. So I bushwacked till I found the ROW trail and rode it north back to the woods road. Posted by Picasa

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