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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Are two bottle openers better than one?

Here is the Qball tricked out for riding with the kids.

I put moved the FUBars from the Fixation and they feel great on the Qball

Since I am using the Qball to pull the Burley on Rail Trails and Greenways, there is no point in lugging spare tubes and tools on my back so I started using an old seat pack wedge. I originally had this on my Fuji Royale from college. Doesn't look good but does the trick.
Waterbottles replace the need for a camel pack.

Configuration has already changed. Lost the seat wedge, and removed one of the water bottles. As with the Fixation, I also put a Surly Tugnut on the drive side of the axel, so now I have a bottle opener on each side of the rear drops.
I am now riding with a 16t cog! Woo hoo, a 2:1 ratio.

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