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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reroute of the Reroute

Went in on a cold and rainy Saturday morning and started opening the trails back up.

Started with the Pond Brook Connector

Up on the Hunter's Tree Stand Trail I did a reroute around the big tree that fell in the middle of the trail.

Looks like a bomb blast!

The destruction on the Mulikin Trail is breathtaking

There was just too much tree crown to cut away with a handsaw

So I cut as much as possible and routed the trail around it

Another section of blowdowns is in the middle of the Mulikin Trail

And it ripped right through my reroute work from last Saturday.

Some tree crown was blocking the rock wall cut through
but I was able to cut enough out so that it's still rideable

To get around the blowdowns I had to take the trail way back further into the woods.

I am going to try and open this section of the reroute first so that the trail will be useable once the rest of the trail is open again.  All this work and I have barely scratched the surface.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Tour de Dirt & Destruction

I took a little ride around the neighborhood Friday after work. 

 Everyone north of Route 84 is still out of power.  Wires are still down all over the place but it looks like most of the trees have been cleared.  However, I didn't ride up Butterfield or Georges Hill.  Even the Taunton Lake area and Taunton Hill Road still seemed to have a lot of power outages, still.  You could still hear the din of generators running.

I rode to the top of Holcombe Hill but I missed the sunset

I have to say, I really love riding this bike. I am still making tweaks to it. I think might get a Brooks saddle and try a seatpost with a longer set back.

Rode over Castle Hill.  The Newtown Flag is once again at half mast due to another school shooting and yet our government who is supposed to protect it's citizens does nothing.

It was getting dark so I headed home

The telephone pole at the intersection of the Boulevard still hasn't been dealt with.

And there is still a tree on the wires on Tamarack Road

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Upper Paugussett is FUBAR

I headed out on Fat Amy Wednesday morning to retrieve my car and as I rode by the Pond Brook entrance to the State Forest I saw that the Pond Brook Connector trail was blocked. I had tried to get into the State Forest from the Echo Valley side earlier in the morning only to find the Sanford Road Trail Head and the drive way leading to parking lot both blocked with blowdowns.  So I went in at the start of Al's Trail right off from Hanover Road and immediately found that it was a disaster area.

Riding up the Tree Stand Trail the first thing I found after the stream crossing was half a tree down across the trail.

I cut away the smaller branches and then put rocks on either side of the tree to make a pretty good up and over.  I tested it a few times.  The east side needs a better, flatter rock to make more of a ramp.

Further up the trail there was the top of a tree blocking the trail.

So I cut everything I could with my handsaw

The elation of clearing that blockage was short lived as I found a huge tree down in the middle of the trail a few yards to the east. A reroute will be needed on this.

Just past the intersection with the lower Mulikin Trail there is a big tree down across the trail.

Near the little stream crossing facing towards the lake it looks like someone dropped a bomb and blew out all the trees. The top of one of the felled trees was laying across the trail, too.

Beyond this blockage there is another tree down across the trail and then there are the two Widow Makers that are suspended above the trail but look like they are hear to stay in that position until they rot and a heavy wind brings them down.

A tree uprooted right by the little stream crossing.

But there is also another tree down right across the trail, too

But the worst is yet to come

A section of the Mulikin Reroute was not spared

Looking down the Mulikin you can see all those blowdowns block the trail completely

And in the other direction its only worse


The Mulikin is blocked at the start, as well.

Looking east on the Poly Brody, its pretty messed up, too.

The westward route is equally blocked.  This was the first blowdown

And then there was this one

Followed by this one

The top part of the Gussy was blocked, too.  I decided to bail out on the Mr Ed Trail only to find it and the Blue Blaze trail blocked in numerous places, well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

North Newtown Storm Damage

There were some severe thunder showers moving through the area and they actually let us go early from work because of that.  I got a text from my wife telling me she got an alert of a possible tornado coming through our area about that time.  She told our boys to get into the basement.

It took me an extra hour to get home from work but the farthest I got was about a mile from the house.  I first tried going up Butterfield Road from Currituck but it was blocked.  Then I tried Pond Brook Road but it was blocked, too.  I went back to Butterfield and some local people with chain saws were able to open up a path wide enough for cars but you still had to drive over someone's lawn.  When I headed down Butterfield Road I found numerous trees blocking the road so I parked in a friends driveway and head off down the hill on foot.

A couple of days later the National Weather Service describes the even that ripped through here a macroburst, which is a sudden downdraft of air, at a faster speed than a tornado, however when you look at what happened to the trees and telephone poles it still looks like a tornado ripped through here.

I was talking to someone the other day that lived on Pond Brook Road and they said that they saw a funnel cloud overhead.

Whether it was a tornado or a macroburst it took out many trees in three or four swaths through the north part of town.

Looks like we will be out of power for quite some time.