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Monday, December 25, 2017

Fat Amy's White Christmas

As luck would have it we woke up to a white Christmas.  After the presents and everyone was ensconced in their electronic distractions I headed out to Upper Paugussett State Forest to take advantage of the perfect conditions for riding in the snow.  We got around 3 inches of snow and it was light and fluffy but still grippy.

Not sure if there would be any hunters so I wore all orange just to be safe.  It was around 29 degrees but the wind made it feel even colder.  Wearing just a t-shirt, long sleeve thermal, and a riding jacket was the perfect combination of attire.

Turns out I wasn't the only one riding a fat bike this morning.

Still, riding the Gussy was superb.
I finally explored an extension to the reach around.
It needs some more thinking.

Riding back on then Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail I found a tree had come down across the trail.

The dirt was so fresh that I think it came down 5 or 10 minutes before I got there!

 Before exiting the forest I met up with a runner who rides here a lot.

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