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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Half Baked Bike Commute

Bike Commute #22 started out like every other ride to work, leaving the house at 5:30 AM, I couldn't see nautical twilight as I pedaled out of the Housatonic River Valley towards the center of town, that's how dark it was this morning.  I met up with the Newtown LunArtics for a little ride along down Route 302.

Gabby's selfie actually came out with me in the background!  The reflection from his blinky really makes things look eerie!

Photo Credit:  Gavin Arneth
After I left the guys on Hattertown Road I took my usual route down to Norwalk via Newtown Turnpike.  In Wilton, after passing my childhood home, I stopped to chat with the new owner of Whitney Darrow's home.  Whitney was a famous cartoonist for the New Yorker Magazine who died in 1999.  All I remember of him is trick or treating his place for Holloween,  The new owner seemed to know few of his neighbors so there wasn't much catch up there.


I got down to the office early and it was an awesome day.  At noon, the office complex had a big BBQ for all the tenets and the food was awesome.  Then I was heads down, working on various things, when at 4 o'clock I looked up and out across the office floor to the windows and saw it was dark outside and pouring rain.  Quite a few people knew I had ridden in that day and asked what I was going to do.  I said what choice do I have, got to ride home.  

The one think I did notice on the radar was that it wasn't raining at home but then a colleague of mine, with a pickup truck offered me a ride home which I accepted.  Wouldn't you know, 10 miles north of the office it's bone dry and it never rained the rest of the evening either.  Getting home early did have a benefit, I could now replace my worn out tires on the road bike.  A couple of weeks ago I got a punture in Southbury while riding back from Ovens of France and to protect the new tube I lined the tire with a dollar bill.

Because of that dollar bill, I was able to get 2235 miles out of my Serfas SECA Survivor series tires. Not as good as the original set of Schwalbe Luganos, which I got 3200 miles out of. I had a little credit on Amazon so I purchased another set of Serfas SECA tires and these have a blue stripe in them making them kind of matchy, matchy with the Cannondale.  Well, at least they are blue.

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