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Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Randomuter is back!

There was only so much that I can do.  Tighten a cable here, adjust the B screw there, but on one of my commutes last week, the chain suck incident was the final straw.  I dropped the bike off with Shawn at the Bicycle center and trusted him to do his magic, and that is what he did.

Turns out there was a lot more wrong with the drive train than what I could tell.  The cassette was missing a spacer and the rear derailleur needed to be completely reset.  The hanger was bent and it needed a new cable and housing.  When I got it back and took it for a test spin it was a whole new bike!  

Thursday morning I decided to do my 20 mile route to the office and it was surprisingly cool.  I think at the bottom of Walnut Tree I saw 53 degrees on the Garmin and it only warmed up a degree in town.

I found more black butter on Flat Swamp and Poor House roads which made riding these usually bumpy roads a lot more enjoyable.

On the way home, since I had the gears I did some climbing.  Leaving the office, it was raining lightly but the sun was out so I just rode any way.  What difference does it make in the summer, anyway?  I am just going to get hot and sweaty, so a little rain might just keep things cooler.  The whole ride home, I was chasing the rainbow.

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