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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Earth Day Wet Ride Home

Headed out to the Polls Tuesday morning.  Temperature at the house said 49 degrees and for some stupid reason I overdressed so after voting I switched jackets and was a lot more comfortable riding to work.

During my 4 PM meeting today I looked out the window of the conference room and noticed it was drizzling.  Of course, I am on the wrong bike but not ever time is going to perfect.  As I was leaving the office I heard a Housatonic Railroad engine and it was pulling some cars past the office.  Couldn't see it because it's obscured the hill and trees but it was plenty loud.  As I was riding down old Hawleyville Road I saw the train coming so I rode over to the over pass on Farrell Road and waited for the train.

Train came and I went all Rail Fan as it passed



It never really poured but the road was wet and I got wet and the bike got dirty.

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