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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fred, yeah that's me!

Leaving the office today someone wrote this on the back of my car.  I won't deny it.  In fact I am proud of it.  especially after watching this video from NSMB.com on now to be Road Biker.  At 0:30 you might recognize a brand of bike that I once owned and some guys from East Hampton, CT that had a piece of that action, I think.  Might explain why they went belly up.

Not only do I have the Fred covered, but I got commuter, ranndoneur, and gravel racer, too!  They missed hipster, unless coffee shop poser is supposed to cover that label.

Spent another evening riding the trainer only I gave myself a little more incentive, a blue ribbon incentive!  Some guys have training videos or watch past bike races.  I prefer watching the TV programs that I missed earlier this week on Internet TV.  Hopefully, this weekend it's going to warm up to over 20 degrees and I plan on getting some serious riding in.  Might event take the Qball out on a mountain bike ride!

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