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Thursday, May 09, 2013

An Oblique Approach

It's been awhile since I have ridden the forest road from this direction mainly because I prefer riding up the Mulikin Trail rather than a gravel road.  I was able to make the whole climb, without hitting my heart rate max which tells me that I have finally gotten into shape.  

I tried something new this time around.  I usually wear a pocketed jersey for my camera and camel back, etc... but today I put the camera in a frame bag and wore an undershirt and a blaze orange shirt.  Besides a water bottle and a bell I was in woods without any repair tools figuring if I get a flat it's just a quick walk of shame.  I felt freer.

With everything damp and greasy from the previous day's rain it made for some interesting riding.  The droopy leaves are a good indicator that a lot more cutting back needs to happen and I found that some of the up and overs need a little more tweaking.  However the big surprise came with a couple more blowdowns at the end of the ROW completely blocking the trail here and another one further down blocking the trail even more.  I am going to try and come out on Saturday to take care of these.

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