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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Singlespeed and RAW

The Give-a-shit meter was pegged today when I got home from work but after getting a lungful of the cool air while taking out the trash I decided that I can't be a pussy and I need to ride!  Shucking my jammies I jumped into my mountain kit, only come to find that I can't find my other bootie so I decided to take my chances with some potentially cold toes.  I brought my headlamp, too, because leaving the house at 6:30 PM  and overcast might call for some illumination assistance.

Hopping onto the Kona, which I haven't been on since Christmas, I headed out for a quickie at Upper Paugussett and I found the trails a lot drier than I would have expected for this time of year.  There were, however, a few soft spots here and there and I even found some snow still on the trail!

Stayed away from the stuntry but it was tempting.  The Kona was riding really well.  I think I need to go back to a little more air pressure in the Manitou because it was feeling a little mushy.  Still, it was great to be out on the singlespeed again.  Just have to find some longer riding with SSAP13 right around the corner.

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