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Thursday, April 07, 2011

If you are not the lead dog the view never changes!

The title of this post is kind of how I felt about riding at Upper Paugussett State Forest on Thursday after work for Day 7 of the 30 Days of Biking Challenge.  I had another Vagisil moment waking up this morning and it was raining so I used the weather as an excuse to not to ride to work.  Still had to ride, so I hopped onto the Dillinger and headed back out to Upper Paugussett State Forest.  I know I said that I might have to do most of my training here this year but after 6 rides, 3 this month, the view is starting to be the same.  The only single track variety that I have gotten this year was two hours at the Blow Hole last month.  Otherwise, I have been the Swing Dog at Upper Paugussett for the last 6 rides in the State Forest.

Didn't have a lot of time because of kids activities Thursday evening so I really pushed myself and did a speed lap.  Avg HR in the 150s and max was 176, and overall I think I am getting better in my overall endurance.  I think all the commuting I am doing is helping in that department.  

I didn't think I had the time for an up hill ride so I took the easy way of riding the fire road to the Upper Gussy and then back down again.  While riding up Tamarack, though, I saw the brother of my daughter's best friend trying to build a dirt jump on the side of the road.  I was impressed that he had his helmet on and he was working the shovel.  I think I need to tech him how to ride skinnies.

Leaving heaven (dirt) and going to hell (pave)

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