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Friday, March 18, 2011

Morning Monster Cross Commute

Looks like the leprachaun got the better of me this morning because when I left it was actually light out.  It looks like the Stinson might be in need of a drive train replacement therefore I had to ride to work with gears this morning on the Qball.  Finally I got to ride the Qball with the Fme bars and it was interesting.  I am going to do full blown review after I have a chance to test them off road this weekend.  Yeah, that's right, my knobbies are finally going to get some dirt.  I am rolling with a pair of Kenda Klaw 1.95 tires which are over kill for the roads but I couldn't find the tubes (I didn't look very hard) for my 47c tires.

10 degrees warmer but still pretty cold.  Basically wore the same number of layers but a different jacket and shoes, yet the over booties were still necessary.  Lobsters and a balaclava were also necessary since I new that if I were riding a bike that could coast I would be going down hill a lot faster than on my fixie.

Usually I bring my laptop home in my Timbuktu bag but I didn't because I left late from work and didn't see the need to log on at home but in doing so, I didn't have any way to carry undies and all the small electronic attachments required in my IT and blogging career so I had to improvise.  I really didn't want to carry a backpack but I had to figure out how to carry warmer gloves and a change of underwear.  The underwear went into my jersey pouch along with my camera and black berry.  Extra gloves and my work badge went into a seat bag that I can use on my handlebars.  Keys for the house in the seat bag under the seat.

I didn't have time to switch tires, or wheelsets for that matter.  Over Christmas I picked up another wheelset for commuting and riding with the kids for this bike so that I could run slicks.  I know, I am kind of anal in that department as I would rather have extra parts that I can quickly switch out without having to change anything.

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CB2 said...

That was your wardrobe on Thursday or Friday?
This morning (Friday), I was in a poly-pro t-shirt, knee warmers, bib-shorts, arm warmers, short sleeve jersey, and long fingered bicycle gloves.
Where are the trails dry enough to ride?