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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Got Fork?

The diSSent is slowly coming together.  At a friend's recommendation I asked my LBS (The Bicycle Center) to leave some room on the steering tube so that I can play with the stem height while I am trying find what works best for me with the new frame.

I am definitely going with a Black and White motif.  I have some white Blunts that I got on Ebay from Wheel & Sprocket.  I will be getting a white seatpost collar, white saddle and black seatpost.

I thought about outfitting everything new on the bike but decided to stick with some favorite parts that have been waiting for a new frame like my FSA Mega Exo cranks that I got a new chain ring for, my Juicy 3s and FUBars.  Not sure if the FUBars are going to give me the leverage I need for climbing but I am going to try them for awhile since they are just sitting around.

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