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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The streets are my lobster

Rather than drive to my dentist appointment today, I decided to ride the 3.5 miles to dentist on Wednesday. Temperature, leaving the house was around 30 degrees and face mask was a must have, along with the overboots and lobsters.  The only thing I wore different today from yesterday was instead of my fleece lined tights I wore my old Army Physical Fitness Uniform cold weather pants with the mesh liner and my legs never felt cold.  The staff at the Dentist's office thought I was nuts.

The question I first asked myself is whether or not this ride counts as a commute.  Technically, I was working  (from a remote location) and you could say that since I was riding back to work, that I was commuting.  However the decision was made for me when I off loaded my ride data from my GPS to SportTracks.  The software classified it as commuting, so therefore it must be commuting.  However, I am still three miles short of my goal of 500.  Looks like I am riding on Thursday and it's going to be even colder!  Fortunately, I can take the shortest route to work, which is 9 miles each way.


Rick said...

You, my friend, are a freakin warrior.

Brendan said...

Just grow a beard, man. You won't need any of that fancy gear.