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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Panaracer 29x2.35

I got an Unreal Deal from Unreal Cycles last week: I got a pair of Rampage Panaracer 29x2.35s for half price when I bought a new wheelset. It will be interesting to see what it is like to ride with a larger volume tire. They are bi-directional, one way for front and the other for rear. Can't wait to test them out on the trails this weekend - that is if it's dry enough, and yikes there is race next weekend!


Greg said...

Sweet deal! I personally WAY prefer a higher volume tire... I run 2.35s, but in the 26 inch range

Mark said...

I have a 2.35 as my front on the full susser (26" wheeled bike) but now have a 1.95 Special-Ed in the rear but it has the volume of a 2.1/2.2

Greg said...

Right on. I wonder if the 29" wheels will feel much different from the 26ers except for weight and the regular 29er stuff.

What width were you running for your 29er?

Brendan said...

good tires. I have those on my redline.

Brendan said...

Those tires are real nice, I run them both in the same direction with no issues and they roll a hair faster.