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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Next time don't forget to charge the light

I went out early Friday morning for a repeat on the Rail Trail in Southbury because I wanted to try and do the whole thing. I got rolling at about 6:10 AM and when I was about 10 minutes into the trail my light went out! It took me a few minutes to adjust my night vision and there was just a hint of dawn I figured it would be easier to continue riding forwards than to throw in the towel and head home. Early on, there was one section that I didn't want to navigate because it's literally a free flowing stream so I went around it using roads.

I didn't make it to the end of the trail so I will have to come back and do it again. The detour around the washout was one factor that slowed me down quite a bit and then there is a section past Towantic Road that is pretty well flooded and I had to pedal slowly through that section. I probably got within a mile of it though but at the 1 hour point, give or take a few minutes I turned around. At least I have something else to shoot for. This time I brought the fender and it made a huge difference. Only the lower part of the bike got really dirty.

I am still on the fence at this point to go to a cross tire. I like the cushion you get with 29x2.1 tire and I doubt I will notice any weight difference. One thing I have to do at some point is replace the headset, not that there is anything wrong with it now but want another Cane Creek S-3 so that I can interchange forks with the Dillinger. Also, the left shifter came loose again and barely held the middle ring.

Still need to find some Cane Creek Drop V levers and cross bars. Who knows, throw on a squishy fork and I might ride this in the VT 50 next year! Though, I would rather have full squish but the only way that will happen is if I sell my 'Horse and get something used and build it up myself. Might be something to consider.

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