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Monday, June 15, 2009

Technically Erratic

Took the family camping this weekend at Kettletown State Park over on the Soutbury, Oxford line. It turned into a little family gathering with her mother and step father, and her step sister and her family. There was this event taking place called a Geocache Jamboree. It was the first time for us to take the kids camping and it was fun doing some geocaching with the kids. I brought the 'Horse because it had rained all week and I couldn't ride. The weekend was supposed to be nice and I was jonesin to ride.

Kettletown is insanely technical and the track that I rode was laced with hike-a-bikes every where. Of course the New England rock sweat from the previous days torrential downpours only made riding even more challenging. In fact at some point during the ride I slipped on a rock and nearly endo'ed. Subsequently, I think I tore a ligament in my forearm as a result of that little mishap. Now I am on the Sick, Lame and Lazy list for at least a week, if not more.

Along the way I came across this BFR (Big F'ing Rock) sitting beside the trail. These big boulders in New England are known as Glacial Erratics. There were a numbered of them throughout the park but this one was very prominent.

climbing and hike-a-bike

Very pretty scenery

Amazing views

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