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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Friday Fix: 1975 Raleigh Super Course MKII

Finally got out on the Raleigh for a work commute and all I can say is it was schweet!  This bike is so smooth and 42:15 is the perfect gearing.  There was a bump in front wheel and the brakes were a little squirrly but it pedals nicely and going downhill was a lot of fun.  Guess spin class helps afterall.  I think I am going to replace the front wheel and put on better tires.  The rear brake wasn't really working on the way home but I really only need one brake.

On the way to work, I think I used the brakes two or three times, otherwise I was able to control my decents by reversing the force on the pedals.  On the way home I needed the brakes once on Pond Brook.  One thing I find challenging is after climbing, if the route turns into a decent it's really tough to maintain a controlled speed because my legs are still recovering from the climb.

I thought about selling this bike but I think I am changing my mind.  If I do sell it it will be when I get the Fuji set up.

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