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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Friday Fix: Thursday Edition

Look Ma, no brakes! 

I rode the entire route (home-work-home) yesterday without using my brakes! A couple of times I didn't prepare soon enough and by that I mean slow down enough to where I would be able to stop in time but by standing up in the saddle and reversing my pedaling force to the pedal upswing I found that I could slowdown much quicker.  I think there was one intersection, because you come down a hill to a stop sign, where I had to cut across and ride against traffic otherwise I would have had to use the brakes.  Still, the training benefit of riding this way is enormous.

When I left the house Thursday morning it was a brisk 27 degrees Fahrenheit or -3 degrees Celsius but I planned accordingly. I put on a face mask, wicking shirt, long sleeve workout shirt, Pearl Izumi riding jacket, fleece vest, Winter MTB riding gloves, my old Army Physical Fitness Uniform pants, which are mesh lined with a Gore-Tex like outer material that has a little insulation - not sure what you would call it but what do you expect from the lowest bidder, riding shorts, wool socks and my Winter MTB riding boots.


Peter said...

Nice mug ! Did someone surprise you :^)

-d said...

You look like you're on a Velo-SWAT team. Godspeed, good soldier.