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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7001 on the Fixed Gear Gallery!

It's official, my Fetish Fixed-ation 69er finally got published on the Fixed Gear Gallery! I like the title of the entry, Mark's Fetish. Certainly adds a brashness to the posting - I bet it gets a lot of views. Too bad it wasn't 6999 or some number in the 6900's but it seems Dennis lost the original email that I sent him, otherwise I think it would have made it.

My plans for a second mountain bike fixie/ski bike project have changed due to the fact I am selling the Dumpgoose. She was a fun little side project and taught me some new things about bike maintenance and repairs but I answered an add on CList for someone looking for a URT suspension frame. Not sure what the future owner plans for it but I will try to find out.

As for the next project? I got something cooking with a bike that I had in college. More to follow on that one.

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