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Friday, August 04, 2006

Here comes my Q Ball!

Got an email from Scott today, my Q Ball is done!
Hi Mark, I have your Q Ball built. It looks great and the parts build is something the will last to the abuse too. It is about 25 lbs w/o pedals. I took a few pictures of it (sorry I know they are kind of crappy photos) and installed some pedals and took it for a few spins around the parking lot. I wanted to tell you a few things about the build. I added a few extra spacer on the steerer so that you could adjust the stem higher or lower if you want. Also I moved the grips in for your bar ends. Third, I left a little extra rear brake cable housing so that if you have to move something around ever (i.e. when changing gears) you'll have extra cable to play with. Also I am suppose to by law supply reflector kits for your bike so you don't get run over in total darkness by a car. How about I just throw the reflectors in the box 'cause I know you'll just take 'em off anyway before hitting the trails? Lastly, I did put the flat bars on. I think they are worth a try but they are not very wide for most hardcore SS'ers (sorry). I am wondering you may want to try some wider bars or rizers in the future? I will try to get it bubble wrapped and boxed to ship to you for UPS pickup today.
Some pics:

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