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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ridin' and not posting.

Haven't had much time for posting because I have been riding! Lets see, after I got the rear derailleur fixed, most of May I rode in Upper Paugussett State Forest. In fact I spent one ride marking the new trail CT NEMBA and Newtown Bridal Lands Association is working on in the Upper Paugussett but ran out of tape 3/4s of the way through the trail. We are planning on rewalking the proposed trail in July.

Katie and I did a Trailer Bike ride at West Hartford Reservoir for the Friends of MDC Day. "The Rez" as its known on www.crankfire.com has a great mix of paved, dirt roads, dual track and single track for riding. Katie and I started out on the paved roads and then hit the dirt and did some serious climbing. Of course she claimed to do all the work and I was along for the ride.

After our ride, I distributed quite a few CT NEMBA postcards, by ensuring that all the cars in the parking lot that had bikes rack got a card. Then we visited all the booths for the MDC day. Katie had a great time learning about the environment and other activities that the MDC supports on their lands. We got snacks, freebies, and T-Shirts.

A Daddy/Daughter Trailer Bike ride wouldn't be complete without a visit to Friendlies. Stopped at the one in Plainville. Nice conclusion to a fun day.

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